Botond Rátonyi – Powerful Price Action EA for MT5

Botond Rátonyi – Powerful Price Action EA for MT5

The strategy combines old school trend following methods with data analysis based on key points, like correlation, risk:reward ratio, secret strategy with certain candle patterns that was created by artificial intelligence, it combines Engulfing patterns and Doji candle, it is a completely new Price Action pattern that is not known by big banks, and hedge funds, the formula is entirely owned by our research team.

What You’ll Learn In Powerful Price Action EA for MT5?

Package Contains: (Price includes fix and equity based version, Trailing stop version, and all the set files, tests)

Powerful Price Action EA Advanced Version with NomadTrader© Money Management System:

  • Full EA with all adjustable settings and parameters to tweak or optimize.
  • It uses the NomadTrader© Money Management system with Dynamic exit strategy based on Price %(percent) based Stop loss, Take Profit and Adjustable Time Filter to 1 minute preciseness, all parameters are precisely calculated to be in motion with the Core Strategy.

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Botond Rátonyi – Powerful Price Action EA for MT5

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