Dan Sheridan – Same Day Iron Condors (SC)

Dan Sheridan – Same Day Iron Condors (SC)

What you can expect to learn from our new short course: The Same Day Iron Condors.

Class Description: We are excited to continue in our new On Demand Video Series, which will take a “Deep Dive” into many of our most Popular and Successful Option Strategies! Our next release is the “Same Day Iron Condors”. Same Day and Short Term Duration Options Strategies have become very  popular in 2022. With the increase in Weekly’s, there is now Expirations for every Day of the week. The potential benefits are obvious. You can trade every day and potentially your Trading yields can multiply greatly.

The major problem with Trading strategies that expire the day you enter them is the increased price risk. Dan has tackled this popular strategies main problem head on. He has developed an On Demand class showing How to trade Same Day Range Bound Option Strategies. Most importantly, he will share the Strategies and very specific guidelines  he created  to trade these Daily Strategies more safely. Enjoy this new On Demand Course and get the techniques Dan teaches to be able to trade Same Day Strategies more effectively in 2023!

Dan Sheridan has been teaching Risk Management techniques for many years, that he learned in the Pits at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

What You’ll Learn In Same Day Iron Condors?

  • How to set the widths of your strikes!
  • What vehicles to trade!
  • Dan 5-Factor Trading Criteria!
  • Execution and Exiting Iron Condors
  • Live Trading Examples!
  • Simple Risk Management

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Dan Sheridan – Same Day Iron Condors (SC)

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