Dan Sheridan – The Sherman Tank Butterfly Program

Dan Sheridan – The Sherman Tank Butterfly Program

We are excited to launch our new On Demand Video Series, which will take a “Deep Dive” into many of our most Popular and Successful Option Strategies! This Video is the “The Sherman Tank Butterfly Program “. Butterflies are an effective strategy for Weekly Income, with proper Risk Management techniques. Traditionally, we have used Balanced Butterflies for more Downside Trending Markets and Unbalanced Butterflies for more Upside Trending Markets.

Dan will also give you the well thought out Risk Management techniques to apply, that have separated Sheridan Mentoring from most Educators in the Options Trading Industry. In addition, Dan will share his very specific guidelines on when to trade and what capital allocation to employ on any given Trading Day. Take advantage of this new and very practical On Demand Course to help you be more consistent and confident in your Option Trading in 2023.

Dan Sheridan has been teaching Risk Management techniques for many years, that he learned in the Pits at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

What You’ll Learn In The Sherman Tank Butterfly Program?

  • Foundation of how we look at the World of Options Trading and Range Bound Trades.
  • 30-38 Day Sherman Tanks Fly
  • 14-21 Day Sherman Tanks Fly
  • And The Sherman Tank Calendar

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Dan Sheridan – The Sherman Tank Butterfly Program

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