Dan Sheridan – The Wheel Strategy

Dan Sheridan – The Wheel Strategy

What you can expect to learn from our new short course: The Wheel Strategy, and what makes Sheridans Wheel different?

Class Description: We are excited to continue in our new On Demand Video Series, which will take a “Deep Dive” into many of our most Popular and Successful Option Strategies! Our next release is the “The Wheel Strategy“.

The “Wheel” System describes the process of Selling Puts and Covered Calls. There is much General information out there on this strategy. For the first time that I’ve seen, Jay Bailey, Teacher at Sheridan Mentoring, has tackled the specifics of this Popular strategy. He will show you how to pick the right strikes, best duration, and most importantly, how to methodically execute this strategy Month by Month. He has also come up with some useful Risk management techniques for you.

So for all you folk out there who have done or are considering Covered Writes or Selling Cash Secured Puts Puts in Stocks or ETF’s you like, this is a great manual to give you the practical Knowledge and confidence to start putting these great strategies to work!

What You’ll Learn In The Wheel Strategy?

  • High Level View
  • Flowchart for Simple Wheel
  • Steps for Simple Wheel
  • Steps for Enhanced Wheel
  • Which Stock to use?
  • Which Put to Sell?
  • Which Call to Sell?
  • Call Exercise

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Dan Sheridan – The Wheel Strategy

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