David Barnett – How to do Local Investing deals from A-Z

David Barnett – How to do Local Investing deals from A-Z

Local businesses everywhere are always looking for ways to grow and access capital. This course will teach you how to capitalize on this demand while managing your risks and keeping your costs low.  Don’t work hard for extra money, let your money and other entrepreneurs work hard for you.

Lending and leasing is not complicated but it is a great way to invest in local companies while managing risk by controlling collateral.  That’s why banks do it.

This course builds upon the content of the 2014 Amazon best-selling book; (Included!) and includes the option to add up to three 30 minute telephone coaching sessions with the author at a compelling price.

Check out these examples:

A small $2,500 secured investment in a local business over 24 months with a 15.9% Yield will bring you over $434.92 in profit. With 10% interest, you’d still earn over $268 in profit. This course can teach you the mechanics of how to put it together and protect yourself.

What you’ll also learn in the course is how to leverage your deals and boost your rates of return well over 100%.  These are the same techniques employed on Wall St. and I’ll show you how to make them work on Main St.

The course follows the very same deal flow that I use. You’ll learn each step and be armed with the reference materials needed to review and prepare yourself as you go through your first deals.

Buying this course is a small investment to ensure that you do these deals profitably. With the information in this course, you’ll be on your way to a lifetime of local investing profits.

What You’ll Learn In How to do Local Investing deals from A-Z courses?

  • How to manage deal requests in an orderly workflow
  • How to create and deliver a term sheet to the borrower
  • What support documentation is required
  • Why process is important in the underwriting
  • The basic financial statement requirements for approval
  • How Barnett’s #1 underwriting rule is applied to your opportunity
  • How liens and the contracting process are important
  • How to make the debt notes (contracts) and how to learn to prepare UCC/PPSA documents
  • The proper steps in executing paperwork before funding your deal
  • The proper steps in setting up hassle-free customer service after the deal
  • Tips and Tricks on how to monitor your deal for trouble
  • Collections advice if a deal goes bad
  • How to apply leverage to your deal to either reduce risk or magnify returns.

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David Barnett – How to do Local Investing deals from A-Z

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