David Barnett – Sell My Own Business System: Online Training

David Barnett – Sell My Own Business System: Online Training

Not sure if your business is sell-able? Need a better understanding of what buyers are looking for? What are the alternatives to selling? Is there a better plan for your business? What should you do in the years leading up to a potential sale? What if you need a guaranteed schedule for exiting your business that is not guaranteed in a selling situation?

If these questions cross your mind or if you want to learn more about how to get your business into shape to meet your exit needs, take this course. I’ve been doing it live since 2014 and always to overwhelmingly positive student reviews.

What You’ll Learn In Sell My Own Business System?

  • The timeline to exiting.
  • The process of preparing yourself to sell your business.
  • Asset vs. Share sales.
  • Determining the different cash flow levels and understanding what they mean.
  • Examples of how normalizing financials can tell the truth about a business.
  • Best practices to make your business more marketable.
  • Understand how buyers will look at your business.
  • How buyers and their bankers will value your business.
  • The different strategies to make your business more affordable to a larger field of buyers, reducing the time to a sale.
  • The selling process with or without a business broker.
  • How to spot a qualified business broker.
  • Examples of how deals can be ruined by ‘bad brokers.’
  • Examples of actual business sale transactions.
  • Terms of sale and deal structures.
  • What to expect in a sale.
  • Creative selling strategies.
  • How a wind down, wind up or liquidation may be the best course for certain business owners.

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David Barnett – Sell My Own Business System: Online Training

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