EatTheBlocks – Profitable Flashloans

EatTheBlocks – Profitable Flashloans

What will you learn in Profitable Flashloans?


  • Welcome (1:11)
  • The LION Method: Plan, Observe, Attack (2:10)
  • Development tools (2:23)

PLAN: Establish an arbitrage strategy

  • Introduction (2:11)
  • Pick an arbitrage strategy (3:39)
  • Pick an asset (2:24)
  • Pick an exchange (1:06)

OBSERVE: Monitor the Blockchain for arbitrage opportunities

  • Introduction (1:40)
  • Setup the project (2:53)
  • Connect to the Blockchain with Web3 and Infura (4:09)
  • Secrets Management (private key & infura URL) (3:30)
  • Listen to new blocks with Websockets (2:10)
  • Poll Kyber prices (8:45)
  • Normalize Kyber prices (2:46)
  • Poll Uniswap prices (5:02)
  • Normalize Uniswap prices (3:12)
  • Evaluate the arbitrage opportunity (7:14)

ATTACK: Pounce on an arbitrage opportunity as soon as you see it

  • Introduction (1:50)
  • Pick a Flashloan provider
  • Setup the Truffle project (2:31)
  • Setup the sending address (2:24)
  • Create the Flashloan smart contract (8:06)
  • Add exchange & token addresses (7:54)
  • Arbitrage 1: Buy on Kyber, sell on Uniswap (8:17)
  • Arbitrage 2: Buy on Uniswap, sell on Kyber (2:55)
  • Withdraw profits (3:02)
  • Send transaction to initiate Flashloan (11:18)
  • Deploy Flashloan smart contract (7:08)
  • Corrections (6:51)
  • Make the arbitrage script run 24/7 on a server (8:19)

About Instructor

Hi! My name is Julien and I am the instructor of EatTheBlocks Pro.

I am a senior Blockchain software engineer. I used to work in Finance, and I switched to software development 6 years ago.

For the past 3 years, I have been building Dapps and Solidity smart contracts for several Ethereum and ICOs projects, including Lendingblock, an institutional crypto lending exchange.

I run EatTheBlocks, a youtube channel for Ethereum developers. I have also published a Blockchain course for Manning.

I also contribute to the code of Drizzle and I spoke at TruffleCon 2019 on Drizzle.

I also have extensive experience with Nodejs, Javascript & React, having worked as a full-stack software engineer for the last 6 years.

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