Forex1Percent – Forex Advanced Course

Forex1Percent – Forex Advanced Course

This in depth, 130 page ebook provides a step by step guide to a simplified trading strategy. If you have been wandering throughout your trading journey aimlessly searching for success to no avail, then this ebook is for you! We aim to show people that anyone can become a successful trader with the right tools.

Throughout this course we will not just show you how to throughly analyze a chart… We will also go through the complete process on what it takes to become part of the 1% outside of market analysis. This ebook will guide you step by step with over 60+ examples, video link explanations, and excel spreadsheets. It takes a lot to become part of the 1% of successful traders, thats why we have provided the tools for you to get there!

What You’ll Learn In Forex Advanced Course?

  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Probabilities and Defining an Edge
  • Market Structure and Stages
  • 5 Step Pattern Stages
  • Different types of Pattern Identification
  • Statistical Data of Probabilities
  • Trade Management
  • Entry and Exit Strategy
  • Organization and Trade Tracker

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Forex1Percent – Forex Advanced Course

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