Michael Nadeau – The Ethereum Investment Framework

Michael Nadeau – The Ethereum Investment Framework

The Ethereum Investment Framework is currently in the hands of investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, VC firms, advisors, researchers, analysts, regulators, and crypto-curious investors globally. We’re making it the industry standard.

For just $27.72/quarter you’ll receive pure signal from one of the most trusted sources of quality data, research, & analysis in the web3 space.

The bottom line is crypto markets and news cycles are full of noise. No matter where you turn, you’ll see conflicting views on the industry. It’s difficult to find research & analysis you can trust. Quality educational content is scattered across a disparate landscape of resources.

That’s why we created The Ethereum Investment Framework. It’s designed save you hundreds of hours of research by combining everything you need to know into one document — in a non-technical, easy-to-navigate format.

What You’ll Learn In The Ethereum Investment Framework?

  • The History of Open-Source Technology and Open Standards (and how crypto is simply the latest expression of these trends)
  • The Distinct Phases that Revolutionary Technologies go through as they are Implemented and Deployed (we are entering a critical stage today)
  • Why Digital Property Rights and Credibly Neutral Accounting Systems for the Internet are really important (Ethereum’s value proposition)
  • An Overview of Ethereum’s Business Model
  • Every data point across important KPIs dating back to Ethereum’s inception ($13,400 worth of data licenses)
  • A visual of the Ethereum Tech Stack (including an overview of the business models for each layer)
  • A detailed analysis of Ethereum’s Network Effect from a Data-Driven Perspective
  • Ethereum’s On-Chain Financials from 2015 through Q2-23
  • Value Accrual: ETH Holders vs Stakers
  • Ethereum’s Token Economics and Incentive Structure
  • Valuation Frameworks & Addressable Market Analysis
  • Valuation Scenario Analysis (base, bear, bull case)
  • Valuation Metrics
  • Ethereum’s “GDP”
  • Crypto Cycles and the Correlation between Network Adoption and Network Market Value
  • The Economics of Layer 2 Scaling Solutions
  • Margins of Applications/Protocols built “on top” of Ethereum
  • On-Chain Gas Consumption by Use Case and Year (a view into how the network is maturing)
  • How firms such as Ernst & Young are onboarding enterprises to the Ethereum Network
  • Ethereum as core Infrastructure for Global Finance
  • How Crypto and Traditional Finance are Merging on the Ethereum Network
  • New Internet Native Business Models Leveraging Ethereum (and the industries being impacted)
  • Ethereum’s Governance & Core Team
  • Ethereum’s Community and Social Presence
  • Network Security and Decentralization
  • Ethereum’s Development Road Map
  • Data-driven comps to Ethereum’s top 10 competitors
  • Regulation
  • Catalysts and Drivers of Adoption
  • Private vs Public Blockchains
  • Risks
  • Glossary of Terms

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Michael Nadeau – The Ethereum Investment Framework

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