MMT Academy – Money In Minutes

MMT Academy – Money In Minutes

This is not an end all be all course /video there are many other books, courses and lessons you need to learn to keep your skills sharp. Learning FOREX takes consistency and discipline to master, those are things I cannot teach, you must find them and develop them yourself.

My intention with this course is to help someone who has no idea what FOREX is and get them to become a profitable trader within their first week.

Learn How To Boost, Master, & Take Your Trading Skills To The Next Level Within 7 Days!

What You’ll Learn In Money In Minutes?

  • What Is Forex
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trendlines
  • Trading Account Platform Setup
  • Funding Your Trading Account
  • Pairs & Percentages
  • Trade Times & Charts
  • Buys & Sells
  • Cash Cow Method
  • The Ultimate Compound Plan

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MMT Academy – Money In Minutes

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