Pirate Traders – Market Profile E-Course

Pirate Traders – Market Profile E-Course

Revolutionize your trading for less than 3 points of profit on the ES!

Learn to read the two-way auction progress using market profile.

This eCourse contains over 4 hours of educational content broken down into 14 individual video lessons. Each video is designed to make the complex concepts of reading the market auction into simple, easily digestible, bite-sized parts.

What You’ll Learn In Market Profile E-Course?

Lesson 1: The Path to Profitability

  • This lesson will walk you through the process of developing a systematic approach to your trading.

Lesson 2: The Two-Way Auction Process

  • This lesson will explain how the market moves through a two-way auction process.

Lesson 3: Thinking in Probabilities

  • Learn to think like a trader.

Lesson 4: Market Profile Chart

  • Learn to differentiate market profile references.

Lesson 5: Developing Value

  • Learn to trade value, not price.

Lesson 6: Initial Balance

  • The first hour of trade sets the tone for the day.

Lesson 7: Point of Control

  • Learn to recognize the fairest price to do business.

Lesson 8: Trends

  • The trend is your friend.

Lesson 9: Rotation

  • Learn to read when the market is rotational.

Lesson 10: Weak References

  • Learn to read weak and poor references.

Lesson 11: Single Prints

  • Learn to read single prints, buying tails, selling tails, and spikes.

Lesson 12: Liquidation & Short Covering

  • Learn how to read a Liquidation Break or Short Covering rally on market profile software.

Lesson 13: MGI vs NEWS

  • Market Generated Information is the key to consistency.

Lesson 14: The Cold Hard Truth

  • Written, hosted, and produced by Charles Gough.

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Pirate Traders – Market Profile E-Course

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