Quantra – Deep Reinforcement Learning in Trading

Quantra – Deep Reinforcement Learning in Trading

Apply reinforcement learning to create, backtest, paper trade and live trade a strategy using two deep learning neural networks and replay memory. Learn to quantitatively analyze the returns and risks. Hands-on course in Python with implementable techniques and a capstone project in financial markets.

  • Learn applications, effectiveness, need and challenges of using RL models in trading.
  • Describe states, actions, double Q-learning, policy, experience replay, positions and rewards. And enhance state, action and reward.
  • Explain various input features used in the construction of a state. Assemble the input features to construct a state.
  • Create a game class starting with the initialisation of the Game class, updating the position, calculating the reward and assembling the state.
  • Explain the basics of ANNs and implement Double Deep Q Learning agents using Keras.
  • Create and backtest a reinforcement learning model. Analyse returns and risk using different performance measures.
  • Learn about the steps to automate your trading and deploy the RL model for paper and live trading. Implement the concepts on real market data through a capstone project.

What You’ll Learn In Deep Reinforcement Learning in Trading?

  • Introduction
  • Need for Reinforcement Learning
  • State, Actions and Rewards
  • Q Learning
  • State Construction
  • Policies in Reinforcement Learning
  • Challenges in Reinforcement Learning
  • Initialise Game Class
  • Positions and Rewards
  • Input Features
  • Construct and Assemble State
  • Game Class
  • Experience Replay
  • Artificial Neural Network Concepts
  • Artificial Neural Network Implementation
  • Backtesting Logic
  • Backtesting Implementation
  • Performance Analysis: Synthetic Data
  • Performance Analysis: Real World Price Data
  • Automated Trading Strategy
  • Paper and Live Trading
  • Capstone Project
  • Future Enhancements
  • Run Codes Locally on Your Machine
  • Course Summary

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Quantra – Deep Reinforcement Learning in Trading

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