Rise2learn – Learn how to adjust and manage your option strategies

Rise2learn – Learn how to adjust and manage your option strategies

If you wanted to learn the ins and outs to adjusting options, this session will go in detail about how to adjust your options trades. We will cover different ways to adjust, how to adjust, different methods, pros and cons, and what to do as positions go against you.

What You’ll Learn in Learn how to adjust and manage your option strategies?

The Best Options Adjustment Strategies | Trade Options With Me

Introduction to Adjustments

  • Introduction to Trading Diagonals (9:45)
  • What are Adjustments and How to Use Them in Your Trading
  • The two goals to an adjustment
  • The benefits to adjustments and adjusting your positions
  • Do you have to adjust? Where do adjustments fit?
  • Discover the process of an adjustment

Getting Started with Adjustments

  • What are the factors to consider and profit targets when doing adjustments?
  • Inverting a Position — what does inverting mean?
  • Know the gray zones with adjustments
  • Adjust versus Protection — how do you decide to adjust?

Learn to Manage Trade Size Before Adjustments

  • Scaling In & Out
  • Risk Management: Size

Delta Neutral Concept

  • Delta Neutral Trading
  • General Delta Neutral
  • Delta Neutral: Iron Condor
  • Delta Neutral: Calendar
  • True Goal of Delta Neutral

How to Adjust Verticals

  • What are Verticals?
  • Vertical Protection: Combine
  • Error on protection and how to fix the problem
  • Are prices going against you? Check this out!
  • Convert to Iron Condor or to Tight Condor
  • Cut Capital / Risk? Butterfly

How to Adjust Iron Condors

  • What are Iron Condors?
  • Iron Condor with Put, Calls, or Vertical Calls
  • What to do when Iron Condor is doing against you
  • Iron Condor Shifting Put Side
  • Iron Condor to a Butterfly or to cut Vegas
  • Final Position Combined Pos

How to Adjust Calendars

  • Calendar Position
  • Calendar to a Double Calendar
  • Know the Calendar adjustment range
  • Calendar with Caterpillar Trend and with Vertical Puts

How to Adjust Butterflies

  • Discover the basic butterfly setup
  • Butterfly with Puts, Calls, or Verticals
  • Starting with a Flat Butterfly
  • Risk Management: Vertical, Rolling, Butterfly Rolling

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Rise2learn – Learn how to adjust and manage your option strategies

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