Sabelo Nyathikazi – Swing Trading Blueprint

Sabelo Nyathikazi – Swing Trading Blueprint

Learn and amplify the technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis that will help you dominating the financial markets.

What You’ll Learn In Swing Trading Blueprint?

  • Introduction to the trading platforms and recommended brokers.
  • Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and geopolitical analysis.
  • Price action and market structure.
  • Timeframe confluence.
  • Trend trading.
  • Divergence + RSI.
  • Dynamic support and resistance.
  • Correlation.
  • Introduction to scalping and swing trading.
  • How to spot manipulation in the market.
  • Simplified support and resistance analysis.
  • In-depth breakdown of growing a small account.
  • The psychology needed to dominate.
  • Full breakdown of indexes.
  • Smart money trading/ Institutional trading.
  • Pattern trading and in-depth regression analysis.
  • DXY cheat-codes.
  • Introduction to prop firms.
  • Micro-economics breakdown.
  • Fibonacci principles.
  • Candlestick charts confirmations.
  • Trade entry principles.
  • Sniper Entry Strategies.
  • Supply & demand levels and volumes.
  • Developing your own strategy.
  • Lifetime access to virtual content.
  • Lifetime signals.

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Sabelo Nyathikazi – Swing Trading Blueprint

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