Tamia BJ – FX Trading Bootcamp

Tamia BJ – FX Trading Bootcamp

Are you struggling to see consistent profit from your trading? Have you found yourself stuck in a painful losing streak? Or are you new to trading and looking for some direction?

Look no further than FX Bootcamp! Join Tamia BJ for a weekend of live trading tutorials. This 3-day zoom workshop to help you earn your first $100 from lines and colors.

What You’ll Learn In FX Trading Bootcamp?

DAY 1: Build Your Foundation 

Kick-off the Bootcamp weekend with a live trading session. As Tamia BJ shares her trading screen, you will learn how to navigate the MetaTrader4 app, open and close trades, and learn chart reading basics.

DAY 2: Learn Our Strategy

Building on day 1, today you will learn two of the most profitable candlestick and chart strategies in existence. Say goodbye to the doubts you feel while finding trades. With a winning candlestick strategy (and a bit of risk management), the sky’s the limit.

Day 3: Start the Challenge

Now that you’ve learned the essentials of trading, it’s time to put your skills to the test. You will receive a brief recap of MT4, chart reading, and trading strategy — with a few mindset gems to guide your upcoming trading week. Let’s earn your first $100!

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Tamia BJ – FX Trading Bootcamp

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