The OrderFlows – Absorption Course

The OrderFlows – Absorption Course

Gain an insight into absorption, accumulation, distribution and volume that institutional traders use in the markets everyday.

What is revealed in the traded volume gives the trader a unique insight into the market that most traders will never see.

Trade Based On What Is Happening Now

What You’ll Learn In Absorption Course?

  • Why volume matters and how to read it.
  • Recognizing absorption and how to trade it.
  • Determining when the market is accumulating or distributing.
  • How large traders trade differently than small traders.
  • How highs and lows that hold are made.
  • Understand why the market comes back to a level and that level holds.
  • Learn different volume / absorption trade setups.
  • And much, much more…

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The OrderFlows – Absorption Course

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