Todd Gordon – Winning in Options with Elliott Wave

Todd Gordon – Winning in Options with Elliott Wave

Description of Winning in Options with Elliott Wave

High liquidity. Low capital commitment. Greater potential vs. capitalizing on the same move in the cash market.

These are just some advantages options trading gives you.

In fact…

When Bob Prechter won the 1984 U.S. Trading Championship with a then-record 444% return in a monitored account, the vehicle he chose to trade the market (using Elliott waves) was – you guessed it, options.

To win in options, you must get right about the market’s direction and the timing of your trade. In other words, it takes special expertise to win…

…and today, just like 35 years ago, Elliott waves can help you do it.

Todd Gordon’s will help you create a solid foundation for trading Options using Elliott Waves that you will be able to apply immediately, elevating your trading knowledge and having the right tools for long-term success.

What will you learn in Winning in Options with Elliott Wave?



  • Simply put, you get everything you need to trade options like Todd does.
  • You can be a newbie, or an experienced options trader – this course will get you started and help you elevate your game.
  • For an easy, step-by-step learning experience, Todd offer the course in two parts.

This course is your chance to learn Todd’s “trade secrets” – transparently, in his style.

Lesson by lesson, he teaches you everything from the basics of options trading to the more advanced concepts like implied volatility and vertical spreads.

Then, Todd shows you how Elliott wave analysis simplifies your job as an options trader.

In fact, in 4 of the lessons Todd applies the concepts you’ve just learned to real-time markets like SPX – in live, recorded trades.

About Todd Gordon

You may recognize Todd’s name (and face) from CNBC, where he contributes to shows like “Fast Money” and “Squawk on the Street.” You’ve also seen Todd’s work featured in our Chart of the Day videos.

Todd has been delivering commentary on CNBC for 9+ years.

A 20-year trading veteran with tenures at Wall Street firms like and Gain Capital, Todd credits his market success to Elliott wave analysis.

Here’s how you know Todd is the real deal:

Todd’s signature trading style is transparency. He IDs the right strategy, puts on a trade and tells you what he’s doing and why – live, in front of the camera, as you watch. Yes, he is that confident in his trading method.

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Todd Gordon – Winning in Options with Elliott Wave

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