Trade Confident – Trades In Favor

Trade Confident – Trades In Favor

Predict With (Percentage Probability) The Likelihood of Any Asset Pumping or Dumping Next!

With your purchase, you will receive 11 versions of this TradingView Indicator. YES 11. The first indicator can be loaded on any time frame to show you the percentage likelihood of a pump or dump coming next.

The second indicator is the same but allows you to switch between multiple timeframes while staying on (the same) timeframe. The other 9 indicators are individually coded to the 1W, 1D, 4H, 2H, 1H, 30m, 15m, 5m, and 1m timeframe so you can create a dashboard to monitor all timeframes of any asset with a TradingView PRO+ plan.

What You’ll Learn In Trades In Favor?

  • The most accurate indicator on TradingView to show percent probabilities of a pump or dump coming in the market next.
  • This indicator comes coded with a green zone for ideal “Long Trade Favor” and a red zone for “Short Trade Favor”.
  • A green or red light will auto-appear on the indicator when an asset is found to be in “Long Trade Favor” or “Short Trade Favor” to help you quickly find quality trade setups.

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Trade Confident – Trades In Favor

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