TRAPP – Zero2Hero Bootcamp

TRAPP – Zero2Hero Bootcamp

If you’re reading this, you’re only a few clicks away from making one of the best decisions of your life…

A decision that may help you live a longer, happier life – free of the stresses faced by the many and avoided by few.

This bootcamp is the key to a door that allows you to experience life differently when unlocked dont take my word for it try for YOURSELF.

Whether you want to retire twenty years younger, or you want the ability to help the people closest to you, the decision that you make in the next few minutes has the power to impact your life in unimaginable ways.

An investment that will allow you to spend more time with your family and friends.

An investment that has the potential to improve the quality of life for generations to come.

An investment to live a better life.

I’ve had countless people tell me that they never thought that investing can be this simple and they wish they would have started at least learning earlier.

Yes, you read that right.

Make the right choice today. Invest in yourself and invest in your future.

What You’ll Learn In Zero2Hero Bootcamp?

  • How blockchain Works
  • How to Diversify your Portfolio
  • BTC vs ETH (Pros and Cons)
  • How Compound Interest Works + The Rule of 72
  • How to Avoid Paying Unnecessary Fees
  • The Best Investing Strategy + Investing Principles to Follow
  • The Best exchanges (USA, Canada, UK, EU) + How to Find the Best Exchanges
  • The 4% Rule
  • The Three-Fund Portfolio
  • Additional Resources for Investors
  • research / chart / buy
  • blockchain
  • white paper
  • swap
  • tokens
  • history and current state of crypto

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TRAPP – Zero2Hero Bootcamp

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