Wall Street Prep – ESG Investing, Green Bonds & Social Bonds

Wall Street Prep – ESG Investing, Green Bonds & Social Bonds

This course is designed for those seeking to learn about the role of Sustainable Finance at an investment bank from both an issuer and investor perspective.

Demystify ESG Investing, Green Bonds and Social Bonds

  • Understand why investors are investing in ESG
    The last decade has seen exponential growth in ESG investing worldwide. We’ll explore the demand drivers behind this growth, and the outcomes they are seeking to achieve, and how we measure them.
  • Demystify Green Bonds and Social Bonds
    Green Bonds and Social Bonds allowed ESG Investing to transform from niche to mainstream. Taught by a pioneering Green Bond and Social Bond Banker, we’ll explore exactly how this transformation happened, and how the market formalized the structure and conventions for Green Bonds and Social Bonds.
  • Pricing a Green Bond
    We’ll analyze a recent Green Bond transaction and dive into the valuation framework of a Green Bond. US and European Investors have differentiated views on valuation and we’ll discuss current market dynamics.

What You’ll Learn In ESG Investing, Green Bonds & Social Bonds?


  • Understanding the demand dynamics of ESG Investors and Funds
  • Demystifying ESG Rating and Scoring
  • Discussion on key focuses, including reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Degree Pathways and an overview of the Paris Accord


  • What is a Green Bond, who issuers them and who invests in them
  • Recognize the adoption challenges of early Green Bonds
  • Analyze the First Syndicated Green Bond
  • Discover the growth of the Green Bond Market
  • Decode structure characteristics including Green Bond Use of Proceeds (Ring-Fenced, Tracked, Best Efforts)
  • What makes a green bond green? Green Bond Principles, Second Party Opinion, ESG Vendors
  • Evaluate a case study and pricing of a recently issued Green Bond
  • US Investor (ERISA) vs. EU Investor Pricing Dynamics
  • Recent Developments: Central banks as Green Investors (ECB / BOJ)


  • Understand the similarities and differences between Green and Social Bonds
  • Challenges to Measure Social Impact vs. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Wall Street Prep – ESG Investing, Green Bonds & Social Bonds

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