Web3Coach – Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go

Web3Coach – Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go

This eBook is not specific to any particular blockchain. Opposite. It contains various peer-to-peer, blockchain and cryptographical design patterns useful for any software developer who wants to expand his programming career and learn new concepts. Majority of the components are from Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain implementations.

I can’t promise the blockchain way of programming will be easy, but this eBook will turn you into a blockchain developer, expand your career prospects, and open you up to a whole new community of amazing forward thinkers.

Chapter by chapter, you will build a full peer-to-peer, autonomous blockchain system in Go and learn all standard blockchain components!

This is a great product to get started with blockchain development because it contains theory, design diagrams as well as full source code.

It’s like a heavy tutorial but written in an easy to read story with a lot of fun facts about the blockchain ecosystem and illustrations explaining all blockchain concepts component by component.

The new programming skills you will learn are also applicable to your current/next job. You will practice real-world Go programming.

You will understand blockchain technology itself. If you fall in love with the tech, you will have a choice to enroll in my individual coaching and further specialize in Ethereum application development.

What You’ll Learn In Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go?

  • Structured, organized content
  • To get you started quickly
  • With full Github source code
  • And easy to follow storyline
  • Enhanced with architecture diagrams
  • While having fun coding new exciting tech

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Web3Coach – Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go

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