Ben Yu – Crypto For Beginners

Ben Yu – Crypto For Beginners

Description of Crypto For Beginners

This is the ideal crypto class for beginners! It’s a masterclass of content, and covers the basics of crypto and how you can invest in this space. This experience is structured so that even beginners can follow along, step by step.

Intro to Crypto is the best way to get accurate information so you can make informed decisions in this space.

The Crypto Revolution

Develop a strong understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they can solve economic issues

Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Learn all about Bitcoin, why it’s valuable, and how it works on the blockchain

Basics of Ethereum

Discover Ethereum, how it works, and its applications in lending, borrowing, NFTs, and DAOs

Crypto Jargon

Learn the language of crypto, including smart contracts, gas fees, and decentralized apps

Predicting Markets

Learn about the different tools that will help you predict and spot trends

Digital Art and NFTs

Understand how limited runs, NFTs, and PFP collections are changing art spaces

What will you learn in Crypto For Beginners?

Intro to Crypto

Learn all about what crypto is, how it works, and how it’s used. We’ll dive into Bitcoin as a case study, and see how it’s changing economics and the internet. We’ll also look at some key mistakes and misconceptions about Bitcoin and crypto in general.

  • Module 1: Why Cryptocurrency is Revolutionary
  • Module 2: Why Bitcoin was Born
  • Module 3: How does Bitcoin Work?
  • Module 4: Introduction to My Crypto Investment Strategy

The Ethereum Network

Ethereum is one of the fastest growing platforms in crypto. We’ll cover some more advanced concepts such as how Ethereum is solving its high gas problem, and automatic execution, and metamask. Ethereum is my favorite platform, and I’ll be telling you all about why I love it.

  • Module 5: Introduction to Ethereum
  • Module 6: Introduction to Hardware and Software Wallets

Applications of Crypto

So you get crypto now, but how is it actually used? People often think of pixelated art, but crypto has so much more potential that goes beyond NFTs. Crypto concepts such as DAO, tokens, and swaps can make crypto feel inaccessible, but once you learn the language of crypto, applying it will become a piece of cake (sort of). On top of that, I’ll teach you how crypto is being used today, and what it could possibly do in the future.

  • Module 7: Use Cases of Ethereum
  • Module 8: What are NFTs?

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Ben Yu – Crypto For Beginners

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