BLCKCrypto – Staking Blueprint 2.0 (Bear Market Edition)

BLCKCrypto – Staking Blueprint 2.0 (Bear Market Edition)

Look – times are about to get real hard for most folks.

You always want to make sure you’re prepared and ready.

Bull markets are were people make money. Bear markets (like what we’re in now) are where people get RICH.

It’s time to BUILD.

Build knowledge and know how.

Build resources and fundamentals.

Build now so that you are good and ready to ride the wave that’s coming in the next 12-18 months.

You can’t get consistent income and profits from crypto, from staking, just like you can’t get rich from the stock market. There’s only ONE factor you need:

Having a blueprint.

Not a formula, no one has a magic bullet. And people do get lucky. But people who consistently make gains in all of these places have a blueprint about how they approach what they do.  How they find the gems. How to find the alpha that gets them in early. How they know when it’s a good time to get in. And a good time to get out. How to balance your more risky investments with more stable ones. BLCKCrypto is going to teach you the blueprint of how to earn money in all of our courses, from staking to becoming your own bank.

Change your future by changing your knowledge. Alter your reality but looking at what could be. Expand your financial resources by expanding your access to resources, expanding your resourcefulness. Learn where to look for new opportunities and be able to seize them. Early mover advantage is real. First mover advantage is even better. Crypto can be simple or it can be incredibly complicated, depending on the level you want to go to. BLCKCrypto will make the complicated information more simple, easier and more affordable to learn.

The reason so many people point to those with multiple streams of income is that it is a key to financial freedom. Not just those substantial wealth but also to people who are no longer living paycheck to paycheck. You aren’t just relying on one job. One side hustle. One road. Once that one is out, you’re out of the game. Give yourself some room to move. Some options.

So if any one or two roads get blocked, you can still keep it moving. Keep earning. Staking can be one of those streams. This course can get you started quickly, get you started right. No gimmicks, no get rich easy schemes. Getting rich quick is very real. Getting rich easy, most often, is not. It often just takes a couple or 5 years. What’s that in the scope of a lifetime?

Maybe you’re on your way to building generational wealth, a legacy. Pass it down to your loved ones. Maybe you just want to pay off debts. Have a cushion for emergencies. DeFi could mean financial freedom. Freedom to enjoy life more. After taking this course, you will have one more tool in your belt for your journey – whichever you choose. A key to financial freedom. It starts with one person. It starts with you.

This intro course, like others that will follow, will be self directed, meaning you follow along, do each step as outlined but on your own time. The goal is to make sure you win, by making the info as clear and accessible as possible. We want to change the game and help you get in as early as possible. Learn as quickly as possible. For you to reach your financial and personal best. Make sure as many people can upgrade their lives, uplift each other and put everybody they can on so we can all win. Not just the rich and connected.

Why Staking?

Owning crypto that allows staking means that you can stake some of what you hold and earn a percentage rate reward over time. The blockchain puts the crypto to work. Usually this happens in what’s called a staking pool. The amount you are willing to put at stake is in proportion to what you might be able to get rewards from.

Think of it like earning interest in savings account in a bank. Only some cryptos allow for staking. Right now, putting money in a bank means a weak .01% interest rate return on your money. Maybe .50%. If you’re lucky and have a business account, you might bet a whole 1%. At this point, it actually costs you money to hold all of your money in a checking or savings account. Essentially what you are earning, by putting your crypto at stake is passive income.

Staking and other opportunities, done right, help to unlock the handcuffs of the day to day grind. Gain true control of your money, even if it’s just the mindset around it. DeFi and crypto in general is cleaning house and so you have to be ready for the next round, once all the bs and big bad actors are cleared out. You can open the possibility of income creation. For yourself. For your family. For your future.

What You’ll Learn In Staking Blueprint 2.0?

  • Where most people get tripped up and how not to (generally ignoring that there are risks, not managing money well, not knowing lock up periods, choosing low liquidity crypto, minimum holding requirements, general crypto security)
  • Wallets and Wallet Security
  • How to Pick Coins
  • Recommended Coins (at time of current course version)
  • Coin staking Tutorials
  • Stablecoin staking
  • AUTOMATION of what works to stack your earnings
  • DYOR: Do Your Own Research
  • And money mindset and trading/staking tools

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BLCKCrypto – Staking Blueprint 2.0 (Bear Market Edition)

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