Bojan Radojicic – Corporate Finance Modeling

Bojan Radojicic – Corporate Finance Modeling

Corporate Finance Modeling is for finance and accounting professionals who want to level up its career by gathering crucial expertise in finance management, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow optimization, for finance advisors responsible for M&As and business valuations, for business owners and investors who want to level up the financial health of the company and discover its full earning potential.

  • Build a comprehensive finance models for sustainable growth
  • Show your management and stakeholders framework to project future outcome
  • Understand and manage KPIs and ratio numbers
  • Make perfect planning of all financial categories: Revenues, NWC, CAPEX, OPEX, Salaries
  • Improve cash flow position
  • Use EBITDA concepts in both management analysis and M&A
  • Determining valuation of the any business, investment or projects
  • Application of essential valuation methods

What You’ll Learn In Corporate Finance Modeling?

MODULE 1: Financial Statement Analysis

  • Build a functional and accurate financial statements.
  • Identify areas for KPIs improvement.
  • Understand and manage ratio numbers.
  • Perform different types of analysis like budget variance analysis, horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, breakeven point and more

MODULE 2: Financial Planning and Forecasting

  • Create a precise forecast and projection of financial statements.
  • Make informed decisions by providing a structured framework to project future outcomes
  • Preparation of company budget

MODULE 3: Cash Flow Management

  • Create more cash from business with advanced cash flow analysis and improvement techniques.
  • Increase liquidity and financial health with precise planning of weekly and monthly cash flow.
  • Successfully manage cash KPIs.
  • Use concept of cash in M&A transactions and valuations.


  • Understanding of EBITDA concept for different purposes.
  • Identification of EBITDA adjustments.
  • EBITDA adjustments on management vs diligence level.


  • Determining valuation of the any business, investment or projects.
  • Application of essential valuation methods.
  • Make precise discounting by understanding of cost of capital.
  • Identify comparable companies, transactions and multiples.
  • Understand and calculate key terms like WAAC, IRR, NPV, EVA, TV, EV and others.

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Bojan Radojicic – Corporate Finance Modeling

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