Planfomo – Trading Whales Room

Planfomo – Trading Whales Room

“I want to watch you trade with real-time alerts!” Then level up with real-time PlanFomo whale group alerts. Start as a sheep, become a wolf, turn yourself into a Shark, and finally you’ll become a Whale.

“I’m an ex Forex & Stock market trader and now I found my place inside the crypto rabbit hole”

If you want to watch me in action welcome to my Private Trading Room. I created this access that is way cheaper than all your cups of coffee can combine during your monthly gas station stops.

Seriously… Imagine that you getting coffee every single day in the gas station or Starbucks. Let’s say it’s something around $5. Now $5 x 30 = $150. Sometimes you are getting coffee that costs way more than $5. So I’m thinking you spending from $200 to $300 per month on simple coffee or any random stuff like that. Are you serious? Matrix is stealing from you!

Watch and learn as I show you exactly what I’m buying, longing, selling, and shorting!

What You’ll Learn In Trading Whales Room?

  • Welcome to the Wonderland of Crytpo where I’m sharing my trades.
  • Brokers that I’m using or switching.
  • Daily trading opportunities. More trading ideas.
  • Profit targets & stop losses with each alert.
  • Daily educational content.
  • Education about the best indicators to use.
  • No pump and dump signals. Real market analysis.
  • Focusing on a 1-4 week period of trades (perfect for leverage & spot trades).

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Planfomo – Trading Whales Room

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