Coffee And Crypto Network – The Secrets Of Crypto And Money Mastery Course

Coffee And Crypto Network – The Secrets Of Crypto And Money Mastery Course

Its Time to get in your Crypto Bag and we have structured a system that will help you go from A to Pay with the new digital system.

Have you ever felt that you needed a defi/crypto advisor to sit down with you and help you create a crypto game plan that is designed for you? Well look no further because our Vincent Owens Group DeFi Advisors are here too help you save stress, time, energy, and money.

We have been investing and helping others invest safely into crypto currency since 2018 and we have seen hundreds of people grow money daily through this financial market. With the unsure times we are in today. We need a sure way to create passive income without having to rely totally on our jobs. Cryptocurrencies can do that for the average working person or executive.

If you are following our program you will recieve 4 private 1 hour 1 on 1 strategy sessions in order for us to fully direct and help you gain the most value from our team! These strategy sessions will be broken down quarterly. And are designed to fully educate and get you invested into the future of finance. We will meet 1 time per quarter over the next 12 months! These meetings will allow for us to build out your portfolio together and work on the mental fortitude that it will take to get into a high risk industry such as cryptocurrency.

What You’ll Learn In The Secrets Of Crypto And Money Mastery Course?

  • Crypto Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Education
  • Portfolio builder
  • Exchange recommendation and setup
  • How to purchase crypto today
  • The best cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • Wallet recommendation and setup
  • Private keys education and protection
  • Ledger education and installation
  • Wallet diversification strategies (Entry and exit strategy)
  • NFT education
  • DeFi projects
  • Our top suggested crypto picks (monthly)
  • Staking cryptos (Passive income opportunities within crypto)
  • How to receive airdrops
  • Metaverse and virtual real estate
  • And So Much More!

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Coffee And Crypto Network – The Secrets Of Crypto And Money Mastery Course

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