Traders Reality – Trading With Exocharts

Traders Reality – Trading With Exocharts

Welcome to Trading with Exocharts.

Now there are many various ways of translating price action/orderflow when it comes to Exocharts.

In this course you are going to learn, what I believe are the three most important tools that we can use to determine if price is simply going to go up or down.

In this course you will learn the following:

How to set Exocharts (which plan is for you)

How to Set up your Charts (Templates) Templates are included for download

The importance of the Vwap, Imbalance, Delta, and Orderflow.

What You’ll Learn In Trading With Exocharts?

  • Welcome To Exocharts
  • Setting Up Exocharts Subscription
  • Downloading Exocharts
  • Setting Up Your First Chart
  • Setting Up Templates
  • Footprint Bar Statistics Settings
  • Template Settings: Candlesticks, Vwap, Liquidations
  • Setting Up DX Feed & DOM (Depth Of Market) Settings
  • Creating, Saving & Loading Templates
  • Live Trading ES (SP500)
  • Live Trading ES (Trading The All Time High)
  • Live Trading ES (VWAP PLAYS)
  • Live Trading ES Vwap Plays P.t2
  • Live Trading ES Quick Scalp On Volatility
  • Understanding Imbalance & Delta
  • Final Thoughts

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Traders Reality – Trading With Exocharts

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