Dan Held – How to get a job in Crypto

Dan Held – How to get a job in Crypto

My story

  • Have worked in crypto for over 9 years at 5 different companies (Kraken, Blockchain.com, ChangeTip, ZeroBlock, Interchange), and sold 2. Hired out teams from 3 – 15.
  • Broke into tech in 2013 through random luck. Only years later would I formalize my understanding of the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process.
  • Got my two best friends from high school and college into tech. They slept on my couch until they got a job.
  • Invested in the pre-seed round of Career Karma, which just raised a $70M round to help get people into coding bootcamps.
  • Wrote the job playbook for my friend, helping him transition from investment banking into tech. He went from 0 replies to his cold applications to getting final round interviews with every cold application.

This course takes all of my accumulated knowledge and puts it in a custom playbook that has been proven to work for helping you get into any Crypto company!

What You’ll Learn In Dan Held – How to get a job in Crypto

 Finding what job is right for you

  • Job fit
  • Tips
  • Examples
  • Job boards
  • Creating alerts

Resume Prep

  • Telling your story
  • Structure
  • Pro tips
  • Templates
  • Details on how your resume is read by a recruiter

Interview Process

  • Applying (and my hack to help you stand out)
  • Recruiter screen
  • First interview
  • Next interview
  • Exercise
  • Final interview
  • Offer

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Dan Held – How to get a job in Crypto

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