Derrik Hobbs – Trading The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy

Derrik Hobbs – Trading The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy

Description of Trading The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy

Let Derrik Hobbs Teach You A Simple And Mechanical Way To Successfully Trade Fibonaccis

Introducing The “Hobbs Triple Crown” Strategy, A Simple, Yet Powerful Methodology To Properly Apply Fibonaccis To Your Trading

Are you unsure of which Fibonacci levels to trade every day? Would you like to learn how to effectively apply Fibonaccis to your trading?

If your answer is yes, Money Manager Derrik Hobbs will teach you how to do it in his newly created training module…”Trading The Hobbs’ Triple Crown Strategy.” Now, for the first time, you can learn the strategy Derrik uses as a mutual fund manager, and soon, as a hedge fund manager. This in-depth Fibonacci strategy was created by Derrik to help him better pinpoint market reversal points. And now, you can learn it to apply to your daily trading.

What Is The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy? Trading The Hobbs

The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy is a proprietary combination of three Fibonacci levels that are simple to identify and which help you better pinpoint potentially substantial tops and bottoms in all markets and in all time frames. Derrik will teach you how to identify these 3 key Fibonacci levels so that you can systematically apply the combination to every trade you make going forward.

What will you learn in Trading The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy?

Learn Entry And Exit Strategies Using Fibonaccis

Unlike most books and courses on trading Fibonacci levels, Derrik’s Triple Crown methodology gives you entry levels, stop points, exit points, and specific trade management rules. When you are done with the course you will be trading the same setups, the same way, day after day. Trading The Hobbs

Get precise entries without the guesswork that often accompanies other Fibonacci approaches. You will only enter a trade in Derrik’s Triple Crown Zone if a trade a triggered. Derrik will teach you his main entry patterns, along with where to place your initial stop. It’s all clear-cut and laid out in detail with almost no subjective judgment required. Trade only the highest probability reversals using Derrik’s proprietary combination of Fibonacci ratios. You will learn what these Fibonacci are and the unique sequences that produce the most powerful moves.

Learn Derrik’s proprietary Fibonacci-based method of trailing stops. As trades move in your favor you will be able to scale out in order to extract the most profit possible from extended moves. This information has never been published before. Trade the best moves in any market environment.

Identify high probability reversals in any time frame. Derrik’s Triple Crown Strategy has been applied effectively on intraday, daily and even monthly charts. You have a tool that enables you to maximize both your short-term trading profits as well as your long-term investments. Begin Derrik’s strategy to your own trading almost immediately. Derrik’s Triple Crown Strategy is easy to learn and his bar-by-bar simulations are the fastest way for you to begin applying it to your favorite markets and time frames.

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Derrik Hobbs – Trading The Hobbs Triple Crown Strategy

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