Dragod – A-Z Complete Guide To Forex Technical Analysis

Dragod – A-Z Complete Guide To Forex Technical Analysis

I started my forex journey 2 years ago, making all kinds of slip-ups, learning from random sources with no complete thread linking any of the things I learnt, listening to conflicting advice from all types of different mentors. It was difficult, inefficient, and only after my millionaire mentor showed me personally the keys to the Forex game did I finally begin to win, taking profits in the thousands of pounds weekly, bringing me financial freedom, the ability to live anywhere and generate money with no boss.

Now, I can sit back and watch easy trades like this make me money from nothing:

I would like to spare you guys all the scrapes and beats I had to endure and get you fast on the path to financial freedom.

What You’ll Learn In A-Z Complete Guide To Forex Technical Analysis?

In this guide I highlight all the basics of using technical analysis to trade forex profitably, including the following chapters:

  • Getting Started – My broker & what I use for Technical Analysis
  • Initial Notes
  • Simple Market Structure – Identifying an Uptrend and a Downtrend, what is a Major and Minor trend?
  • Resistance and Support – How to identify these, and a trick to identifying them before anyone else
  • The Best Chart Patterns – My favourite, most profitable chart patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns – The most important candlestick patterns that actually work
  • Risk Management – How risk management works, and how to manage emotions to avoid blowing accounts
  • One Final Tip For Free
  • How To Avoid The INSTITUTIONAL Stop Hunt
  • Conclusion

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Dragod – A-Z Complete Guide To Forex Technical Analysis

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