Yinka Taiwo – Metaverse Masterclass

Yinka Taiwo – Metaverse Masterclass

Learn and Earn with Metaverse.

Painstakingly reading this letter could change your financial life forever

Why am I so confident of this?

The biggest money is often made while the rest of the world is looking in the wrong place.

Olayinka Taiwo is my name and my number one mission in life is to teach people all I know that can improve their lives. This is one of the reasons I started Pool of Wealth Training, a global executive training institute.

This Vehicle of wealth creation is called the Metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg saw the huge potential in it, as a result, he changed the name of Facebook to Meta

How big are Facebook’s ambitions for the metaverse? So big that the social media giant recently paid a South Dakota bank $60 million just to acquire the trademark rights associated with its Meta Financial name.

Am I getting your attention now?

Let me burst your brain, it was reported that 85,000 new millionaires were made in 2021 in crypto and NFT related businesses.

You can be part of this new crop of millionaires this year and start a few investments.

I have never found any investment that can match the unbelievable gains Metaverse produces.

In April last year Bored Aped Yatch Club NFT was launched at a floor price of $190. Today the cheapest is $272,890. That is 143,573.68% ROI

Michael Jordan launched his NFT three weeks ago at a floor price of $180. Today the cheapest is $1440. That is 700.00%

You have been playing games on your mobile for fun for a long time, doing it in metaverse will make you serious money.

Youth and adults alike in the Philippines are making money on  Crypto gaming.

Youth in Ghana is making $400 per month playing crypto games In his leisure time.

Teenagers in America are making money more than their parents made in their lifetime via crypto gaming

I was so excited about this Metaverse that I created this course for you.

This will change your financial life for the better.

This will move you from where you are now financially to a higher level.

This might make you change your career path.

This will give you side hustles if you have a full job

This will give you a job if you are jobless.

This will give you more than pocket money if you are a student.

Let me make sure we are clear on one thing…

  • It’s NOT about pyramid schemes, MLMs, downlines, or any of that crap.
  • It’s NOT about selling “how to make money” or “marketing” courses.
  • It’s NOT about buying reprint rights to ebooks nobody wants anyway.
  • It’s NOT about building an opt-in list, spamming, or sending any email at all.
  • It’s NOT about getting tons of affiliates, joint venture partners, or resellers.

What You’ll Learn In Metaverse Masterclass?

  • How to Create your own NFT
  • How to buy and flip NFT
  • How to buy and flip virtual land
  • How to invest in Metaverse tokens
  • How to invest in Metaverse company-related stock
  • How to work in Metaverse
  • How to be a Metaverse consultant.
  • How to make money playing Crypto games

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Yinka Taiwo – Metaverse Masterclass

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