Elliott Wave Theory With Specific Fibonacci Trading Targets

Elliott Wave Theory With Specific Fibonacci Trading Targets

What you’ll learn

  • Visualize Waves that Define the Elliott Wave Theory
  • Learn how to trade EVERY Wave with Specific Fibonacci Targets
  • Understand the General Structure That Forms the Foundation of Every Wave
  • Determine the Difference Between an Impulse Wave and Correction Wave
  • Describe the Main Elliott Wave Rules + Guidelines and Identify Them on the Live Market
  • Predict Potential Conflicts and Understand When a Pattern Becomes “Invalidated”
  • Calculate Fibonacci Price targets for Impulse Waves and Correction Waves
  • Learn how to Predict Trend Continuations AND reversals
  • Learning Elliott Waves Theory will set you up for LIFE! It is a HIGHLY valuable tool and can be use on ANY financial market!



Where Fibonacci levels provide us with significant price targets, Elliott Wave Theory takes it further to narrow the targets and provide a map for how these price targets are achieved. You can imagine how powerful this knowledge would be to a financial trader or investor! The two theories work together in beautiful harmony and make up the bulk of our trading strategy. It’s important that you continue to practice applying what you learn within each course on the live market to develop an eye for wave cycles and to be able to form your own wave interpretations!


We examine Elliott Wave rules and guidelines that detail specifically how market structures are to be constructed according to the natural governing law. While these may seem cut-and-dry, being able to identify elliott wave pattern failures is critical for you to become successful with this strategy. We’ll review each one, what it means and identify it on the live-market. Do not move on until you fully understand the concept behind each rule + guideline!


Impulse waves are the beloved trading time for most traders. It’s a time when the trend and your wave counts are the most-clear, and your confidence is high. most of your profits will be made within impulse waves and so, understandably obtaining everything there is to know about them will no-doubt give you an edge over the market. We intensely examine these wave structures and their price targets- defining the best trading opportunities and setups.


It’s true- many traders get left behind and die in corrections. The back-and-forth price action (or the non-existent price action) is an intense challenge on the psyche, and most can not handle it. emotion leads to costly mistakes in trading and is a battle that you need to be constantly aware of in every trade. Control your emotions by understanding how the fundamental components are constructed. We’ll cover how to spot corrections forming on the live market, what waves you should be (or not be) trading, and most importantly, how to safely trade them!

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn the Elliott Wave Theory and How to Apply it to the Cryptocurrency Markets!
  • If you want to be able to predict future price movements and prepare for trend changes
  • If you want to understand where the market is on a larger picture
  • If you want to know which Fibonacci Level to target for buying and selling!
  • If you want to skip the full on Elliott Wave Theory and get right to what really matters!

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