Gann Journeyman – Matrix Method Charting System

Gann Journeyman – Matrix Method Charting System

Here is an overview of the Matrix Method and what you will learn.

I broke it up into 5 sections

What You’ll Learn In Matrix Method Charting System?

Section 1:

  • Expectations
  • Things you can do to help absorb the material the fastest

Section 2:

  • Concepts & Framework
  • Tools
  • Anchor Points
  • Math Constants
  • Basic Vortex Mathematics
  • Squaring
  • Vortex Polarities

Section 3:

  • Building Charts Process
  • Placement (Valid Touchpoints)
  • Pivot Points
  • Intersections
  • Angles

Section 4:

  • Reading Charts
  • Targets
  • Probabilities
  • Where Is The Trade

Section 5:

  • Introduction to Unconventional Harmonics
  • Using the math constants
  • Aligning for spiral confirmation
  • Aligning for trends

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Gann Journeyman – Matrix Method Charting System

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