Gary Dayton – Overcome Fear

Gary Dayton – Overcome Fear

Description of Overcome Fear

Fear is probably the most significant emotion for traders. Many traders struggle with this emotion and fear can demobilize you from applying your hard learned technical skills. Significant trading losses often lead to emotional distress and turmoil. Unless addressed, the trader may re-experience those painful memories in future trades. Following anguishing losses, a trader may become paralyzed and unable to enter the trade or act in other fear-based ways. After all, traders are human and naturally fear that which causes pain.

Although the desire to trade may be strong, the mental response to fear can be stronger. Anticipated pain is sidestepped by not pulling the trigger. This is not a sign of weakness. It is merely the mind’s attempt at self-protection, though it causes much frustration and distress, and works against our interests as traders.

When suffering from fear, you may

  • Cut winners short in fear of giving profits back
  • Hesitate in pulling the trigger because you fear the prospects of a loss
  • Hang on to losing trades because you fear taking the loss
  • Jump into unplanned trades because you fear leaving money on the table

Have you ever questioned why it is so difficult to trade even when you have solid technical skills?

In this webinar recording, “build trader confidence and minimize fear,” Dr. Gary, an expert trading psychologist and educator of Wyckoff chart reading, presented to you how you can use methods based on cutting edge research from human performance psychology, to start build your confidence and minimize fear. Dr. Gary has gone into details on specific techniques designed for traders for you to use to address fear in your trading.

The webinar recording comes with a workbook of these techniques and exercises you can use to overcome fear.

As some of you may have already experienced, after significant losses, our trading psychology can get in the way of trading, even if we have improved our technical trading edge. Many traders stop trading and never return. Others work hard to understand and correct the flaws in their technical game, only to find that none of the techniques they learned would help them overcome fear. To be successful, traders need to manage both the technical game and the emotional side of trading.

Overcome Fear is designed to help traders understand how fear can affect their trading and offers specific steps and practical techniques you can use to address this very common emotional pitfall in trading.

What will you learn in Overcome Fear?

  • How and why fear affects the trader
  • We will clarify exactly what fear is, how it operates in trading, and how you can detect fear early, before it has a chance to become debilitating
  • The primary fears a trader faces and how hope and greed are also forms of fear
  • How traders learn to fear the market – how fear is actually self-taught and what can be done about it
  • The main ways traders try to solve the problem of fear and why these common and seemingly logical coping strategies are doomed to always fail
  • Why fear is such a difficult problem for many traders and look at how and what we say to ourselves, who we act, and how we think about fear that makes it so difficult for us to deal with fear
  • Guidelines to help you look carefully at how you have personally dealt with fear and why these attempts have proven fruitles
  • We will detail the foundation of confident trading and will explain where true trading confidence comes from and how to develop it
  • Through the course of the webinar, we will build tools to minimize the effects of fear, including:
  • Clarifying the difference between high value actions (HVAs) and fear-based actions and how to begin applying HVAs to build confidence
  • Developing your personal list of HVAs to put you on the road to confident trading
  • Learning the key mental skills from cutting edge achievement psychology, including essential techniques to help you put yourself into ‘the zone’
  • Mindfulness and mindful attention
  • How to decenter from scary thoughts and fearful emotions
  • How to view your thoughts, feelings and actions in such a way to help you make better trading choices
  • Techniques to help to effectively deal with the fearful urges of “cutting & running”
  • Techniques to help you place yourself the way you want to trade into action, step-by-step
  • How to put mental flexibility into your trading so you are not just reacting to your emotions, but choosing how to will react based on sound trading behaviors

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