James Crypto Guru – Stock Market Master Course

James Crypto Guru – Stock Market Master Course

It seems like you’re ready to break out of your 9 to 5 or old way and get started with learning to become an investor and join the game of billionaires. 

You have read books, taken courses on investing and trading before… but found them all to be outdated, or worse, wrong

Or maybe you even tried your hand at trading and investing based on some “hot tips”…

Or worse…you listened to the news channels and followed their advice..

And got burned.

I’m not shocked.

It happens to everyone. It happened to me too.

You can piggyback off my trades anytime you want.

What James, fundamental AND technical? I’ve never heard that before. 

Most people think that fundamental and technical analysis are two separate ways of seeing the valuing stocks and companies.

If both of them make perfect sense, then why not use both to beat the market?

You don’t need to be super patient like Warren and get to 50 before you’re rich enough to live your life….

….or be terrified that it’s been a year and your stock still hasn’t doubled..

What if you pick the wrong company? 

(Wait till you’re 50 to find out! What BS.)

But, on the other hand – you don’t want to be a day trader with abnormally high blood pressure…

…constantly watching every tick

…terrified whenever the market moves a tick against you.


You want the best of both worlds.

What You’ll Learn In Stock Market Master Course?

From fundamental analysis

  • What industries are going to dominate in the future
  • Which companies have high growth potential in the long run

(I’m talking 10x returns here)

  • Which companies can give you cash flow with a good return on investment
  • Which companies are pandemic proof
  • Which companies have huge cash on hand to invest and grow
  • Which companies you can just buy and forget
  • Gain a deep understanding of what is actually happening inside the company
  • Understand how political and economic factors affect companies

….and much more

From technical analysis, you will learn

  • What is the right time to buy and sell stocks, the exact prices
  • When the market falls, do you hold on, add, or sell?
  • Predict and be prepared for market crashes
  • Know where “smart money” is investing their cash
  • Which industries and companies are “on trend”
  • Identify golden “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities before everyone else

…the list goes on..

Now look, I’ve helped a lot of people make money from my advice

But that’s just giving you fish.

What do you do when you’re on your own, staring at RED on your portfolio?

You need to learn how to do this yourself.

This is why – I created this course.

I’m going to teach you how to fish!

So you can learn to catch those sharks (ahem, whales) for yourself!

  • An overview of my simple 2 part strategy – that I have perfected over 17 years – and that you can employ *TODAY* to start on the road to generational wealth
  • The one ingredient that is missing from your investment strategy – adding this can save you millions of dollars
  • How the average person already owns stocks, but they don’t even know it!

 P.S this could easily be you

  • The best brokers – which have low fees, best softwares, support and low start up cost.
  • The super simple trick I use to make sure that my orders always gets executed in the market
  • How to pick stocks in a way that keeping track of your investments doesn’t feel like work at all! It fits right there in your lifestyle.`
  • How you should determine your timeframe for investing (and stick to it)
  • How to diversify your investments the right way
  • My top 5 tech companies…and why I love them
  • How to do a break down a company’s financial statements – I’ll tell you *exactly* what to look for

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James Crypto Guru – Stock Market Master Course

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