Lincoln Olson – Selling Options for Income

Lincoln Olson – Selling Options for Income

Become the “casino” and start generating consistent, low-stress income, in 60 minutes.

The minute you walk into a casino, you lose.

Every game is designed to take your money.

Sure, you might win occasionally and the payoffs can be big, but the house always wins.


The same is true with options.

Yes, you can make money buying options, but the deck is stacked against you.

Here’s the good news: YOU can be the casino.

Every option contract has a buyer (who pays the premium) and a seller (who collects the premium).

What You’ll Learn In Selling Options for Income?

Step 1: Become an options seller

Step 2: Learn how to sell options the right way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to sell options.

The wrong way leads to:

  • Erratic income
  • 50/50 win %
  • High stress

The right way leads to:

  • Consistent income
  • High win %
  • Low stress

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