QuantProgram Alpha

QuantProgram Alpha

Most of the other trading courses give you an illusion of making money. Their idea is to sell “Do this and you will make a profit.” They will also show charts and tape on when it was profitable and conveniently avoid showing the loss scenarios as much as possible. There is no proof of their trading strategy success as its not backtested.

Our course are primarily created to educate students in using quantitative tools using coding to create effective trading strategies. The trading strategies serve as a examples on how yo use these tools. Its more of a skill based course than a typical trading course that you see online. All our trading systems has been back tested with high quality paid data over 27 years. The strategies that we code go through black swan events like pandemic, global financial crisis and the dot com bubble. Stress tests are also performed on these strategies by using Monte Carlo simulations. We also show the proof of the performance that you yourself can see and back test.

The goal of the course is not just in using these strategies but to teach you how to create better efficient strategies yourself. You will learn how to tweak certain variables to get better results. Learning quantitative skills gives you a massive edge as compared to other retail traders.

What You’ll Learn In QuantProgram Alpha

  • 5 strategies that beat the market + Codes attached
  • Codes in Tradingview + Amibroker
  • Train to think like a quant
  • Thinking like a trader
  • Diversify, Drawdowns, Win rates
  • Thinking like a coder
  • Thinking like a mathematician
  • Position sizing, Money management
  • Thinking like a quant
  • Trend following, Mean reversion, Profit distribution, MAE, MFE, Optimization, Walk forward
  • Discussion
  • Case against Day trading
  • Best platforms to backtest
  • Crash course coding(Tradingview + Amibroker)

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QuantProgram Alpha

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