Sanchit Arora – Options Trading lifelong passive income lessons

Sanchit Arora – Options Trading lifelong passive income lessons

In this Options Trading classes, I will teach you to make 100-500-1000’s of dollars every week and month by doing the options trading to make money regularly.

Let me show you step by step on how to make money and become financially free very soon

All the lessons are recorded in our simple Punjabi language

We all like free money and owing stocks gives us the dividends but some companies pay the dividends, and some do not but There is a good news for you. Now you can start make monthly income on the stocks you own. It will be very amazing to watch if you could bring income to your stocks.

I will teach you options strategies which will make you money with minimum efforts. In these options techniques, it does not matter weather the stock goes up or stock goes down you will generate income regardless of any scenario.

Option trading is not easy but I will guide you step by step in our own language on how to make your first money with the options, if you have any questions or confusion, I am always there to help via my Instagram.

What You’ll Learn In Options Trading lifelong passive income lessons?

  • Main Points

I will guide you the main terms that can help you understand how to buy options and sell options and how all the Greeks works in the options trading.

  • Various Result

What will happen if your shares got called away? What happens if your stock goes very down, How you can earn big money during earnings durations? I will explain everything to understand easily

  • Multiple strategies

Options trading have multiple strategies and as an experience option trader, I can show you step by step on the execution process.

  • Actual examples on how to execute the trades & much more!

To learn more easily, I will make videos on the trades I make so you can make money in your 1st trade

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Sanchit Arora – Options Trading lifelong passive income lessons

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