Steven Brooks – Market Heroes

Steven Brooks – Market Heroes

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Over the past few years,  Steven has become a 7 figure trader using simple strategies that only the top 1% of investors know about…until now.

Steven now has students around the world who are also taking their investments to the next level using his simple strategies.  He usually charges over $10,000 to work with clients one on one, but reveals the exact same secret methods in this masterclass!  He will show you exactly how you can do what he did and build your investments to 7 figures and beyond.

Steven will show you exactly how to dominate the stock market using ethical techniques such as buying stocks for a 99% discount and getting paid to do so!  You will get those top trading secrets that you can copy within 30 seconds and know exactly how to time those trades to see massive returns, starting today.


  • ​How to beat the market investing just one day a week to supplement your income, even if you have ZERO experience
  • ​How to make more money and spend less time doing so following my top two strategies so you can have more freedom in your life
  • ​How to scale up your investments without adding more risk so you can earn consistent monthly income

What You’ll Learn In Market Heroes?

  • PROFIT CRUSHING SETUPS so you know exactly how to make consistently profitable low-risk trades week after week, month after month year after year
  • AUTOMATION TOOLS so you can save a ton of time and let our system profit withOUT you being in front of your computer all day long
  • TOOLS AND CHEATSHEETS so you can have the exact same step-by-step process that I have every single day

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Steven Brooks – Market Heroes

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