The Technical Traders – Trading Is Your Business Course

The Technical Traders – Trading Is Your Business Course

How Treating Your Trading As A Business Is Your Best Defense Against Self-Sabotage, And The Fastest, Most Certain Path To Sustainable Profits

During this time, we’ll cover everything…

  • Objectives – Without clear objectives both long-term and short-term, you are extremely likely to waste a considerable about of time, energy, and money.  You may have already experienced this.  Clear direction makes your life easy and much more efficient.
  • Assessment –  Without an assessment of what’s working for you and against you, you may never be able to remove the factors that currently hold you back and interfere with your trading.  By knowing these, you can take immediate action to eliminate many things that are working against you and reinforce those that serve you well, making your life as a trader considerably more enjoyable and profitable.
  • Skills & Knowledge Base – as a trader and business owner.  The weakness here serve as obstacles to your development and create anxiety.  We’ll eliminate these obstacles to accelerate your progress.
  • Trading Strategy Analysis – without solid confidence in your system, your discipline to stick to it will wane, you’ll second guess the system and make costly mistakes.  By developing confidence through proper strategy analysis that your system is robust – and knowing how to tell – your anxiety will disappear along with your discipline. But don’t worry, once you can analyze your trading strategies we have a simple 3-hour course that will allow you to quickly and easily convert it into a detailed step-by-step trading guide, which can then be further automated!

Developing this skill is also has HUGE time and money advantages:  you’ll not be tempted to switch trading strategies or make changes to your current one because you’ll know exactly how to tell what works BEST.  Instead of going the try-and-see method, you can analyze your choices and determine very quickly what will serve you best – and without risking any money in the process.

  • Best Practices  – Reliability and predictability are highly desirable in trading.  Without healthy routines, you bring randomness and variability to your trading – both of which work against you.  Here, we’ll establish best practices for you in both of your roles as a trader and owner of your trading business.
  • Planning for the Future  –  They call “Commencement” the beginning, and it is.  Making reasonably accurate projections about the future is one of the most difficult things for most traders, especially their own future.  Here is where you’ll bring everything together into an ACTION plan to achieve your short, medium and long-term goals.

Each of the eight modules, you get a new set of videos with action steps for you to take so that in a very short period of time, you have a complete, WORKING Business Plan so you can trade and profit from your laptop at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

What You’ll Learn In Trading Is Your Business Course?

  • Module 1 – Laying the Foundation
  • Module 2 – You, the Successful Business Owner
  • Module 3 – You, the Successful Trader
  • Module 4 – Your Successful Trading System(s)
  • Module 5 – Ensuring the Financial Success of Your Trading Business
  • Module 6 – Making Your Success Easily Sustainable
  • Module 7 – Bringing the Business Plan Together
  • Module 8 – Living Independently Once You’re Free

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The Technical Traders – Trading Is Your Business Course

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