The Trading Pub – Candlestick Pattern Cheatsheets

The Trading Pub – Candlestick Pattern Cheatsheets

Legendary Algorithmic Trader, Roger Scott, Releases His Top Five Candlestick Trading Blueprints!

While I can’t guarantee success or against losses, I’m so confident that you’re going to LOVE what these Five Candlestick Pattern Cheatsheets will do for you…

I’m willing to put all the risk back on me if you aren’t absolutely thrilled.

Just give my white glove service team a call and they will work with you every step of the way.

But honestly, I’m not worried one bit because what’s not to love about only taking trades with a past win rate of 70% or greater?

What You’ll Learn In Candlestick Pattern Cheatsheets

  • Find High-probability Setups With Ease – These cheatsheets practically do the hard work for you. Once you’ve spotted one of the five candlestick patterns on your favorite stocks, simply enter the trade the next day! You will know the historical win rate, profit factor and average hold time of the trade. Remember, I’ve only listed setups with historical win rates of 70% or greater!
  • Know Exactly When To Enter And Exit Trades – On the front of the cheatsheets, the exact entry and exit instructions for each of the five patterns are listed. That way you’re never left guessing when you should take profit!
  • Eliminate Emotional Trading – If you’re struggling to control your emotions while trading, these cheatsheets are the perfect solution. With clearly defined instructions on how to take setups with historical win rates of 70% or greater. You’ll never be left trading with your gut!
  • Take Trades With Confidence – Know that every trade you take from this day forward will be backed by cold hard winning data. All statistics were generated using a state-of-the-art algorithmic backtesting platform known as AmiBroker over 10 years of data. No monkey business!

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The Trading Pub – Candlestick Pattern Cheatsheets

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