Tunnelvizzion – Pressure Trading Course

Tunnelvizzion – Pressure Trading Course

This is not an end all be all course /video there are many other books, courses and lessons you need to learn to keep your skills sharp. The stock market takes consistency and discipline to master, those are things I cannot teach, you must find them and develop them yourself

My intention with this course is to help someone who has no idea what a stock is and get them to buy stocks now and sell them for more at a later date.

Included in this course is a video presentation and also list of definitions, questions, links to books and youtube videos that will help you on your journey to become a profitable trader.

What You’ll Learn In Pressure Trading Course?

  • What Is A Stock
  • Why Do Stock Prices Rise And Fall
  • When You Should Buy And Sell A Stock
  • How To Avoid Taking A Massive Loss
  • How To Create A Watchlist
  • How To Find A Stock Paying Dividend
  • Open A Trading Account
  • The Basics Of Technical Analysis
  • Charts For Stocks/crypto/
  • The Basics Of Fundamental Analysis
  • Learn To Use Trading Chart
  • Buying And Selling Techniques
  • Entry And Exit Strategies
  • How To Never Need A 401k Or Mutual Fund Again
  • Six Figure Hustle In 6 Months
  • How To Start Trading Using Opm
  • How Taxes Work In Your Favor

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Tunnelvizzion – Pressure Trading Course

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