Unlocks Calendar – Onchain Research Mastery

Unlocks Calendar – Onchain Research Mastery

In this product, we teach how to properly conduct onchain research to find alpha in the crypto space

Onchain research is the process where crypto traders / investors look at the on-chain data stored on the public ledger to make profitable trading decisions

Information in the crypto space, including transactions, wallet addresses, transfer amounts, and more, are publicly stored on the public ledger: so anyone can use a block explorer to find this information, but need to learn how to proper find and interpret data to make money

This course will teach you onchain research mastery, in order to find your edge and help you become a profitable trader

Becoming a master in onchain research will allow you to:

  • Anticipate market moves before they become clear to masses
  • Copy trade crypto whales, billionaires, Twitter influencers, profitable traders
  • Be notified when investment funds are dumping the tokens you are invested in
  • Understand how smart money is acting and adjust your trading strategy
  • Track flows from and to crypto exchanges to see the coins that are being bought the most
  • Buy crypto tokens before they are shilled by influencers on Twitter / Youtube
  • Find hot NFT mints to get NFT gems for cheap
  • Understand when crypto teams / memecoins are about to rug
  • Filter the most profitable wallets in certain periods and create a portfolio of wallets to track
  • See the trading history of any wallet / player
  • Understand token distributions and spot relevant trades on particular coins

What You’ll Learn In Onchain Research Mastery

  • How to use Etherscan properly, leveraging all his functions
  • How to use Nansen to get alpha
  • How to use Breadcrumbs
  • How to use Dune (for beginners, no SQL experience needed)
  • Whale watching: how to properly screen and copytrade whales / smart money / profitable traders using various tools
  • How to find Crypto Twitter / Youtube influencers’ wallets
  • How to assess if memecoins / low cap coins will likely be rugs or if they are going to send
  • How to get notified when sizable trades (big buys, big sells) are about to happen
  • Lot more!

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Unlocks Calendar – Onchain Research Mastery

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