Wizzarino Trades – Options Trading Essentials

Wizzarino Trades – Options Trading Essentials

Description of Options Trading Essentials

What’s up guys! My name is Waylon AKA Wizzarino Trades, and this is Options Trading Essentials 1.0!

This course covers everything I wish I knew when I started trading! I’ve had to go through trial and error with a handful of things, but now that I have this knowledge, I want to share it with you!

What will you learn ?

  • What Are Options
  • The Greeks
  • Risk Management
  • Paper Trading And Its Benefits
  • Trading Psychology
  • Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis
  • Indicators And How To Use Them
  • My Favorite Strategy
  • How I Trade SPY, QQQ, & VIX
  • How To Scalp, Swing, And Day Trade
  • How To Pick Contracts
  • Position Sizing & Why It’s Important
  • Why I Trade Small Cap Stocks
  • How To Build A Strong Master Watchlist
  • How To Build A Daily Watchlist
  • Financial Goals, And How To Set Them While Trading

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Wizzarino Trades – Options Trading Essentials

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