Wyckoff Analytics – A Detailed Look Into Springboards, Volume-Price Analysis

Wyckoff Analytics – A Detailed Look Into Springboards, Volume-Price Analysis

In March 2018, Wyckoff Method trader-educators Gary Fullett and Roman Bogomazov conducted three webinars on high-precision execution of Wyckoff trading strategies.

In our May 2019 Special, Gary and Roman continued their interactive instruction, taking a much deeper dive into some of the principles and applications presented previously, focusing on high-probability Wyckoffian structural points of entry and subtle nuances within Wyckoff’s Law of Effort vs Result (aka Volume-Price Analysis). This course is intended to help Wyckoff traders capitalize on the opportunities created by the market operations of institutions.

What You’ll Learn In A Detailed Look Into Springboards, Volume-Price Analysis?

  • The Law of Effort vs Result.  Thoroughly understanding how to “read” the underlying Efforts vs Results can dramatically enhance your profitability as a Wyckoff trader: This law provides the most important tool for gauging institutional traders’ near- and longer-term intentions, and for planning or adjusting your trading tactics accordingly. This theme will recur repeated in these three sessions, with a goal of accelerating your learning how to apply Volume-Price Analysis bar-by-bar in any time frame.
  • The springboard. The appearance of a “springboard” at the right edge of a chart signals that a stock, commodity or other instrument is (finally) poised to move out of a trading range. Gary and Roman will present common and a few less common variations of springboards (for both long and short trades) in different market conditions, providing guidance on analysis and trading tactics .
  • Last points of support (LPS) and supply (LPSY). These structural features of the Wyckoff chart landscape, in combination with a change of behavior, herald the emergence or resumption of a trend. Gary and Roman will show how analysis of potential LPSs and LPSYs using the Law of Effort vs Results can yield surprisingly valuable information for timing your entries.

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Wyckoff Analytics – A Detailed Look Into Springboards, Volume-Price Analysis

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