Wyckoff Analytics – Mastering Intraday Flow Analysis and Trading Strategies

Wyckoff Analytics – Mastering Intraday Flow Analysis and Trading Strategies

Immerse yourself in a day of expert insights with Roman Bogomazov as you navigate the intricacies of practical Intraday Flow Analysis and Intraday Flow Trading!

Rooted in the fundamental principle of identifying dominant force flows, whether in buying or selling, this comprehensive guide unveils a step-by-step analytical algorithm for effective intraday trading. Traders will acquire proficiency in assessing current market strength through chart analysis, empowering them to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities.

The intraday process will be explored in-depth, providing a practical starting point. Drawing inspiration from the highly successful Intraday Training Module, the highlighted strategies offer a cutting-edge approach to intraday analysis and trading.

What You’ll Learn In Mastering Intraday Flow Analysis and Trading Strategies?

  • Bias Definition
    i.   Daily Bias
    ii.  Intraday Bias
    iii. Intraday Change of Behavior
  • Primer on visualizing the Intraday Price Structure
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis – Putting the weight on the global or local structure?
  • US session breakdown analysis
    i.   Pre-market price structural analysis
    ii.  Analyzing the US Opening
    iii. Analyzing the first 1.5 hours of the US session
    iv. Analyzing the lunch hours of the US session
    v.  Analyzing the last two hours of the US session
  • INTRADAY FLOW ANALYSIS – What is it and how to use it?
  • Intraday Swing Analysis
    i.   Swing Reversal
    ii.  Assessment of the Swing Character
    iii. Swing Character Change
    iv. Adjusting Timeframe for Swing Reversal based on Volatility
  • Analog Trading – What is it and how to use it?
  • Trending vs Counter-Trending Trades
  • Sizing up Trending vs Counter Trending Trades
  • Targets for Trending vs. Counter-Trending Trades
  • Intraday Trade Management:
    i. Initial Trade Management: POE and SL
    ii. SL movement
    iii. Add-ons and Trims
    iv. Variations on Exit
  • Trading pre-market announcements
  • Trading Fed announcements
  • INTRADAY FLOW TRADING – What is it and how to use it?


  • Pre-market routine
    i.  Market Analysis
    ii.  Self-Assessment
  • During the market routine
    i.   Market Analysis
    ii.  Self-Assessment
    iii. Post-Analysis
  • After the market routine
    i.   Post-Analysis
    ii.  Daily Variance
    iii. Feedback Loop Journaling


  • Beliefs about Trading
  • How to raise Awareness?
  • Awareness of choice in the moment
  • Negative self-talk
  • Inconceivable results (consistent super profitability) are possible


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Wyckoff Analytics – Mastering Intraday Flow Analysis and Trading Strategies

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