Barge Consulting Group – BCG Options Trading Bootcamp

Barge Consulting Group – BCG Options Trading Bootcamp

Description of BCG Options Trading Bootcamp

This gives you access to our two-part, Options Trading Bootcamp which is a fast track to learning how to trade options and navigate the current market.

This INTENSIVE 2-DAY BOOTCAMP Will Cover All the Information You Need to Make $500-$1000 in PASSIVE INCOME DAILY from the Stock Market.

What will you learn in BCG Options Trading Bootcamp?

Có thể là hình ảnh về văn bản cho biết 'BARGE CONSULTING GROUP'

  • Learn How To Trade Call & Put Options Effectively to Make $500-$1000 Daily
  • Understand Options Trading & How Options Trading Works (Strike Prices, The Greeks, etc.)
  • The emotional aspect of Options Trading & why this is the most important thing – Greed vs Fear
  • A COMPLETE Breakdown of How to Set Up Your Charts, Best Indicators to Use, And How to Plot Support & Resistance
  • Difference Between Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Options Trading & Much Much More!

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Barge Consulting Group – BCG Options Trading Bootcamp

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