BidAskTrader – Proprietary Trading Program

BidAskTrader – Proprietary Trading Program

Description of Proprietary Trading Program

The goal of this program is to help new traders read the order book, how to identify buyers / sellers and how to build strategies on them. Above all, I want to show how a professional trader trades. After the course you should understand how nonsensical most of the stuff on the Internet is and how important it is to trade with the order book and why all prop traders trade with it.

The course is over four months and will hopefully open your eyes. The course includes:

  • The relevant building blocks for high-frequency trading: DOM / order flow + volume
  • Stops and profit targeting based on the order book
  • How you trade with the “Big Boys”
  • Systematic trading
  • Market manipulations
  • Identify HFT algorithms
  • Market Making

and much more …

What will you learn in Proprietary Trading Program?


  1. You know how the market works
  2. You can read the Volume Profile
  3. You know how to read the order book
  4. You can recognize buyers and sellers
  5. You trade according to working, professional trading setups
  6. You can identify large market participants using the order book


  1. You can identify turning points in the market solely through the order book
  2. You use correlating markets
  3. You use the VWAP to your advantage
  4. You can trade everything: breakouts / reversals
  5. Fake Bids & Offers: You know which orders are real
  6. You understand the importance of highs and lows

PART 3-4

  1. You know your trade management
  2. You can find opportunities with good CRV
  3. You know how to prepare for the day
  4. You know how Support & Resistance / Volume Profile really work
  5. You know your trading hours
  6. You understand how to give yourself an edge
  7. and much more…

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BidAskTrader – Proprietary Trading Program

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