Decade Investor – Covered Calls & Cash Secured Puts 101

Decade Investor – Covered Calls & Cash Secured Puts 101

Making $100s or $1,000s every week selling options on your stocks (with not much capital). Here’s how to get there…

Dividends are great. But what if you could make any stock a dividend stock. What if you could bring income to your stock portfolio outside of the normal dividend payments.

Covered Calls & Cash Secured Puts 101 teaches you about selling options which allows you to MAKE income on your holdings. Rather than paying the premium on options, you get to EARN the premium on options.

Selling options sounds confusing at first, but this course breaks down the basics & makes it easy for anyone to understand.

What You’ll Learn In Covered Calls & Cash Secured Puts 101?

Key terms

I go over key terms that are important to understand when it comes to selling options.

Options greeks

  • The greeks are confusing for most, but I break them down in easy to understand explanations.

Potential outcomes

  • What happens if your call ends up in-the-money? What happens if your put ends up out-of-the-money? I explain all potential outcomes of a trade.

How each strategy works

  • There are many different strategies that you can deploy when selling options. I go over a few that can help you successfully sell options.

Important things to remember

  • Setting up a plan to be successful selling options is key. I go over important things to always keep in mind every single week.

Actual examples on how to execute the trades & much more!

  • Screen recordings of how trades work in real time to help paint a picture on how to sell options successfully.

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Decade Investor – Covered Calls & Cash Secured Puts 101

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