Guccibuckethat – Start Building Digital Real Estate Today

Guccibuckethat – Start Building Digital Real Estate Today

Welcome to the GBH Digital Real Estate Landing Page

quick background about me

I have been monetizing social media theme pages since 2011 and ever since Bronze retweeted me, a lot of you have come to know me as Gucci Bucket Hat.

This course has everything I have learned being involved in the social media theme page space for over 10 years, and upon completion of my course you will be able to start growing digital real estate the right way.

Now I know you may be asking yourself, how is this course different from anyone else’s social media growth course?

Here are 3 reasons

  1. Well from what I have seen, most of these mainstream social media growth courses are sold by people who have just started growing personal brands in the last 1-2 years, usually with a max total growth of fewer than 100k followers (less than 30k tbh). I on the other hand will be offering the perspective of someone who has spent numerous years growing social media networks to over millions of total followers. Aka I got more experience and growth.
  2. I have also been involved in various different brand affiliate programs over the years, with brands such as TikTok, and have profited several 6 figures from running these ad campaigns. From my story to my blackhat strategies, all will be revealed in the course.
  3. And Most importantly, I got way better memes than your other gurus pushing social media courses

What You’ll Learn In Start Building Digital Real Estate Today?

The Impact Of Digital Transformation On The Real Estate Sector |  Entrepreneur

  • Hacking your timeline and other tricks to make social media work for you
  • The art of the meme, literally will go over how I make memes and things that increase the likelihood of virality
  • How to grow from 0 followers on Twitter in 2021
  • How to grow from 0 followers on IG in 2021
  • Forex signals
  • The best type of content to post on IG
  • The best type of content to post on Twitter
  • Things to avoid getting suspended on twitter
  • Entertainment ideas, not financial advice, on how you can leverage theme pages to reduce taxes
  • My best advice for going about buying theme pages in 2021
  • How to network with big accounts on the money Twitter space if you are a small account
  • The risk of digital real estate and ways to reduce said risks/scams
  • Ways digital real estate can make money, beyond solely appreciating due to growth in followers/engagement

Start Building Digital Real Estate Today is going to be for people who want to:

  • Learn about digital real estate overall, from clueless to intermediates involved in the space
  • Hear my thoughts on why I am very bullish on this investment for the future
  • Learn my best blackhat growth and strategy methods to building digital real estate from 0 followers in 2021
  • Learn the YUGE tax benefits that digital real estate provides
  • Learn how stocks and crypto are not the only passive forms of investment anymore
  • Learn about an industry that can still make you a millionaire if you put in the time and effort
  • Stop losing money in the stock market and put their money into investments they can control the growth

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Guccibuckethat – Start Building Digital Real Estate Today

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